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Currently the ATLAS Black Forest Grid consists of a small number of infrastructure servers, 84 worker nodes and three (amount customizable) user-interfaces. The user-interfaces are meant for interactive use only, in particular compiling and debugging software, which is going to be run on the cluster. The worker nodes are accessible through the batch system of user interfaces nodes. In total there are 3200 cores (hyperthreaded where applicable) available.

The exact hardware configuration is listed in the following table.

VendorModelCPU TypeCPU CacheCoresRAMDisk
DALCO S2600K Intel Xeon E5-2630v4 2.2GHz 25600KB 20(40) 128GB 450GB 84 DALCO
SUM ==== INTEL 168 === 3200 10,8TB 37,8TB 84 ====