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For access to NEMO, you need a bwForCluster entitlement (legal requirement) an associated Rechenvorhaben and the registration to the NEMO service.

Registration Process (short version)

The registration process consists of 3 steps. The first two steps can be done in parallel:

  • Get the bwForCluster entitlement to use NEMO.
    • Procedure for users from Freiburg
    • Instructions for users from other universities
    • Note: This is for legal purposes and may take a few hours to be processed
    • To check your entitlements first please visit this page, Entitlements should contain
  • Associate yourself with a Rechenvorhaben ("planned compute activities")
  • Register for the "bwForCluster NEMO" service and set a new service password.


For a detailed registration process consult the bwHPC Best Practices Wiki.

Login and Password Reset

For login to the bwForCluster NEMO you'll need to set a password on the NEMO service page. Just use the link in the "bwForCluster NEMO" service box. If you forgot your password you can reset your password the same way.

Registration Process Scheme



NEMO Access Workflow