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NEMO Maintenance on 22.02.2017

The maintenance is prompted by a functional upgrade to the cooling system of the hosting environment. The downtime will be used to apply all pending software and hardware upgrades to NEMO.
When Feb 22, 2017
from 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM
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Nemo will be down for maintenance on 22.02.2017. The maintenance is prompted by a functional upgrade to the cooling system of the hosting environment. We will make good use of this externally triggered downtime by applying all pending soft- and hardware upgrades to NEMO. Job scheduling will be suspended during the maintenance. Login and access to your files will not be possible during the maintenance.

You can submit jobs until the downtime starts (22.02.2017, 06:00 AM). Please note that jobs projected to finish after the downtime starts will be blocked. Your jobs should run after the downtime is complete.


NEMO Advisory Board Meeting

The NEMO advisory board ("Cluster-Beirat") will hold its first meeting on Wednesday 14.12.2016. For the initial meeting, the board members are composed of the shareholders and those members of the communities who were deeply involved in the NEMO grant application and the procurement phase.
When Dec 14, 2016
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The first point on the agenda will be to gather feedback from the three scientific communities. Therefore, if you can find the time, please contact your representative on the advisory board. Any feedback is welcome.

The NEMO cluster board is composed of the following members (starred members are shareholders):

  • Neurosience: Stefan Rotter (*), Carsten Mehring (*), Ad Aertsen
  • Elementary Particle Physics: Stefan Dittmaier (*), Markus Schumacher, Günter Quast
  • Microsystems Engineering: Andreas Greiner, David Kauzlaric
  • Shareholder: Carsten Dormann (*)
  • Rechenzentrum: Gerhard Schneider, Dirk von Suchodoletz, Bernd Wiebelt, Michael Janczcyk

bwHPC Symposium in Heidelberg

The university of Heidelberg will host this year's bwHPC-Symposium.
When Oct 12, 2016
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Dear Sir or Madam,

on behalf of the bwHPC-C5 project ( we invite you to participate in the upcoming 3rd bwHPC symposium on October 12, 2016 hosted at Heidelberg University, Marsilius-Kolleg.

The symposium focuses on presenting and discussing your scientific computing projects and results as well as the progress and achievements of the bwHPC initiative and the bwHPC-C5 project. The symposium will be the ideal platform for the dialogue between you, the bwHPC operators and the bwHPC-C5 support teams.

For the agenda and registration please visit the following website:

We would be delighted to welcome you on October 12, 2016, in Heidelberg

Best regards,
Martin Baumann and Sabine Richling
Heidelberg University

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Intel Xeon Phi vs. Nvidia Tesla

Nvidia and Intel, two major computer equipment manufacturers, follow quite different routes to allow new types of applications requiring massively parallel computing power.
When Jul 14, 2016
from 04:30 PM to 05:45 PM
Where Otto-Krayer-Haus, Albertstraße 25, 79104 Freiburg
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Venue: Otto-Krayer-Haus, Albertstraße 25, 79104 Freiburg

Date: 14.07.2016, 16:30 - 17:45

The event is part of the Inauguration of NEMO and BinAC

Intel Xeon Phi x200 (Knights Landing): Performance Impressions and Best Practices

Speaker: Hans Pabst, Application Engineer for High Performance and Throughput Computing

Subtitle: Case study focusing on Quantum Espresso and CP2K

Abstract: This presentation gives a brief overview and reference of Intel Xeon Phi x200 family (codenamed Knights Landing or KNL), and thereby focuses on ISA-level enhancements when compared to the previous generation of Intel’s Manycore Architecture. The talk gives special focus on Xeon Phi’s NUMA clustering and how to take advantage of the High Bandwidth Memory portion (with and without code changes). For the two application cases (physics domain), the presentation walks through five very basic steps of getting an application ready for Knights Landing: (1) building an optimized application, (2) selecting the cluster/memory mode, (3) process pinning, and thread affinitization, (4) performance profiling, and (5) code modernization and optimization.


Tesla P100 GPU and DGX-1 Deep Learning Appliances

Speaker: Ralph Hinsche (Nvidia), Business Development Manager

Abstract:The binAC cluster in Tübingen, running on Tesla GPUs, is a step to accelerated computing and deep learning applications. This tech talk gives a short overview how the binAC cluster is built and continues with an outlook to the Tesla P100 platform and its performance features.




Inauguration NEMO and BinAC

With the bwForCluster BinAC (in Tübingen) and bwForCluster NEMO (in Freiburg) about to become operational, the bwHPC initiative has reached another milestone.
When Jul 14, 2016
from 03:00 PM to 07:00 PM
Where Freiburg, Otto-Krayer-Haus
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All four bwForClusters and the bwUniCluster will be available for researchers from Baden-Württemberg and the innovation circle is thus completed. To celebrate this, the official inauguration of both bwForClusters will take place in Freiburg on July 14th. You are cordially invited to join the event.

The inauguration will take place in the Otto-Krayer-Haus and the Rechenzentrum in Freiburg on July 14th.

There will be opportunities to talk to the colleagues from the other bwHPC-C5 competence centers. 

Back-to-back with the bwForCluster inauguration event, the first user assembly for the bwForCluster NEMO is going to be held in the late morning from 10:30 on July 14th.



First NEMO User Assembly

On July 14, in the morning before the official inauguration of the new bwForCluster NEMO, the first NEMO User Assembly will be held. Please see below for the full agenda.
When Jul 14, 2016
from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Where Freiburg
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Dear colleagues, 

You are cordially invited to join the First NEMO User Assembly.

Venue: Room 112, Rechenzentrum Freiburg, Hermann-Herder-Str. 10, 79104 Freiburg


  • Welcome from Gerhard Schneider (Director of the Computing Center) 
  • Presentation of the bwForCluster NEMO 
    • Hardware and Software Setup
    • Fairshare scheduling principles and policies
    • Roadmap 
  • Prerequisites for getting productive 
    • "Rechenvorhaben" (planned compute activities) 
    • Migration from BFG and NEMO testcluster 
  • NEMO Governance
    • State-wide institutions
    • NEMO specific (Clusterbeirat) 
  • Q&A Session