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High Performance Computing activities and resources at the University of Freiburg


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AMD Epyc-2 Nodes ("Rome") available for NEMO

Since December, NEMO offers four nodes with the new AMD Epyc-2 Server Processors ("Rome"). Each node has 2x64 cores running at 2.25 GHz and 512GB RAM. The cores can boost to up to 3.4GHz depending on the overall workload. Additionally, each AMD node is fitted with an Nvidia Tesla T4 GPU.

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bwForCluster NEMO: Online

  • 12.12.2019: VM services are available again



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HPC courses

In addition to the workshops and courses offered by the bwHPC competence centers, there is always the option to attend one of the workshops and courses offered by HLRS in Stuttgart and other bwHPC partners. 

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