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NEMO Hardware Extension

NEMO was extended from 756 to 900 compute nodes. Its 18000 compute cores offer a nominal performance of 626 TFlops. Additionally, the parallel file system for storage of intermediate job data now holds 0.75 Petabyte.

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Limits on NEMO Login Nodes

For the NEMO login nodes, the maximum resource consumption is 2 cores (including Hyperthreading) and 10GB of RAM. If you need more resources, please submit interactive jobs.

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NEMO remains in TOP500 supercomputers of the world

The new TOP500 list for June 2017 has been published [1]. NEMO has been ranked 389 (down from 295 in November 2016) [2]. NEMO is currently the only bwForCluster on the list.

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NEMO status and statistics

NEMO is now quite often under full load and jobs are getting queued. While it may be inconvenient for users that their jobs do not get executed immediately, this is the desired target state for a high performance computing system.

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